Extender Status

An introduction to the extender working status. Including the active Wi-Fi networks, connected hosts, and traffic bandwidth.

Extender Traffic

i. Active Connections

On the Status > Overview, the Active Connections shows the maximum connection limitation and the number of active connections. To check the details of the Source and Destination of the active connections, please go to Status > Realtime Graphs > Connections.

ii. Traffic Bandwidth

To check the sum of user traffic, please go to Services > Bandwidth Monitor.

iii. Internet Gateway

The IPv4 Upstream table shows the first interface with a gateway.

iv. Active DHCP Leases

The active DHCP leases indicate the connected hosts on both Wi-Fi and LAN. To check more details of DHCP leases and configure the static DHCP leases, please go to Network > DHCP and DNS.

Wireless Status

On the Status > Overview, the Wireless the section shows active Wi-Fi networks, including Wi-Fi master hotspots and Wi-Fi relay clients.

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