Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi has turned on by default, and the default Wi-Fi hotspot Extender-WiFi-xxxxxx is non-encrypted.

Wireless Overview

After accessing the extender, go to Network > Wireless. This page lists the Wi-Fi configuration section of the physical radio. You can configure the Wi-Fi hotspot and the Wi-Fi relay.

  • radio0 is corresponding to the wireless modem on the extender

  • SSID | Mode: Master is the primary Wi-Fi hotspot

  • SSID | Mode: Client is the Wi-Fi relay network

  • Associated stations indicate the active Wi-Fi networks and their working status

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Click the Edit button on the second row of SSID | Mode: Master to enter the configure section of the primary Wi-Fi hotspot.

i. Basic Wi-Fi Settings

In the section of Device Configuration, in the tab General Setup, you can monitor the network Status and configure Wi-Fi operating Mode, Channel, Width, and Transmit Power.

The Wi-Fi Mode | Channel | Width The master Wi-Fi hotspot will be locked to use the same Wi-Fi settings on the connected Wi-Fi relay network after enabling the Wi-Fi relay function.

ii. Wi-Fi Country Code

In the section of Device Configuration, in the tab of Advanced Settings, go to Country Code field, and select the correct country code. It is essential to ensure the Wi-Fi hotspot on your extender meets the legal regulations in your country. The other configured Wi-Fi networks will use the same device settings.

Do not turn on Force 40MHz mode since 40MHz wireless signals create significant interferences with the other Wi-Fi networks.

iii. Wi-Fi SSID & Password

In the section of Interface Configuration, in the tab General Setup, you can edit the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot on the field ESSID.

Click the tab Wireless Security to enter the encryption section and configure the Wi-Fi password.

  • Encryption: Select an encryption method. e.g., WPA2-PSK is recommended for home and small office networks.

  • Cipher: The Auto is recommended.

  • Key The Wi-Fi password is a secret phrase clients must use to connect to your Wi-Fi network. With WPA2-PSK encryption, the Key must be at least eight characters.

  • Other default settings are ordinarily correct for general usage.

Enable the checkbox Hide ESSID, and the extender will stop broadcasting the Wi-Fi hotspot but maintain the Wi-Fi connection when manually entering the Wi-Fi hotspot name and password.

WMM, Wi-Fi Multimedia is an automated way of handling Quality of Service (QoS) on the Wi-Fi network that provides improved video and voice performance over the wireless network.

Wi-Fi Relay

You can connect the EZR13 extender to another Wi-Fi hotspot to get a backup Internet connection or extend the current Wi-Fi network. The WiFi extender and connected devices can reach the Internet but won't see devices connected to the master Wi-Fi hotspot.

The EZR13 extender will create its subnet, like connecting to an internet modem. The LAN interface on the EZR13 extender must be set in a different subnet than the Wi-Fi hotspot you are connecting.

For example, the EZR13 IP address is, and the Wi-Fi hotspot we are connecting to is using 192.168.1.x addresses.

To set up a Wi-Fi relay connection, go in Network> Wireless, the Wireless Overview page.

  1. Click on the Scan button on the first row of radio0. The extender starts scanning the nearby 2.4GHz Wi-Fi hotspots.

  2. Choose the Wi-Fi hotspot you want to connect to from the page and click. Join Network.

  3. Enter the Wi-Fi password, leave the Name of the new network as wwan, and select wan firewall zone.

  4. Click the Submit button on the bottom right corner to enter the Wi-Fi client configure page and set other things as needed. The most important settings are on the row of Operating Frequency.

    • Set the Mode to Legacy if connecting to a Wi-Fi g network, or set to N if you are connecting to a Wi-Fi n network, and so on.

    • Set the Width to the same value that you set on the Wi-Fi you are connecting to, which helps to avoid bottlenecking the connection.

  5. Click the Save & Apply button on the bottom right corner to apply the new configurations.

Do not enable the checkbox in the above step unless you intend to disable the Wi-Fi master hotspot on the extender.

You can repeat the above operations and connect to multiple Wi-Fi relay networks. You need to use a different name on the field. Name of the new network.

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