Mounting Kit

Use the mounting kit to install the WiFi extender on a pole.

The mounting kit is designed to install the WiFi extender on a pole with a diameter of Φ35~50mm. Check the video tutorial on Youtube

Install Outdoor Router on A Pole ▶️

More examples are available on the case studies 🔗

L-Shape Bracket

  1. Use the hex wrench to take down the Hex bolts, then remove the clamps from the router.

  2. Install the L-shape brackets between the router and clamps.

  3. Use the hex wrench to tighten the hex bolts.

Install on A Pole

  1. Clasp a pole with the U-bolts and holders.

  2. Attach the L-shape brackets on the holders already installed on the router.

  3. Put spring washers, washers, and bolts on U-bolts, then tighten the bolts with a spanner.

Wall Bracket 🔗

If you do not have a pole to install the EZR13 WiFi extender, you can buy our shop's Φ40mm wall bracket.

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