WiFi Relay

Extend a WiFi network range and coverage by connecting Outdoor WiFi extender to the existing WiFi hotspots.

You can connect the outdoor WiFi extender to another WiFi hotspot to extend the range and coverage of the current WiFi hotspots.

Go to the Wireless Overview page by clicking "Network > Wireless" on the top menu.

  1. Click the "Scan" button on the first row of "Ra0" or "Rax0". It will open a new page and scan the nearby WiFi hotspots. Note: Ra0 is for connecting to 2.4GHz, and Rax0 is for connecting to 5.8GHz.

  2. Choose the WiFi hotspot you want to connect to from the page and click the "Join Network" button.

  3. Enter the WiFi password on the "WPA passphrase" field. Leave the new network as "wwan" in the "WAN/Mobile" firewall zone. !! Do not enable the "Replace wireless configuration" check box unless you intend to disable its own WiFi master hotspot. Click the "Submit" button on the bottom right corner to enter the Wi-Fi client configure page. Generally speaking, you can leave all of them with no change.

  4. Click the "Save & Apply" button to return to the wireless overview page. Wait 2~3 minutes until the WiFi hotspot reboots.

Ensure the target WiFi hotspot has a different IP range than the extender.

We can repeat the above operations and connect to multiple WiFi hotspots. Please use a different "Name of the new network" and set the firewall to "WAN."

If you fail to set up a WiFi relay connection, go to "Network > Wireless," delete the "SSID | Mode: Client," and repeat the above operation.

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