Interface Overview

Get known of the physical interfaces on the WiFi extender.


EZR14T WiFi extender has a waterproof enclosure with 2x WiFi antenna sockets and 1x PoE gland. The WiFi antenna sockets are N-female connectors on the top side. The PoE socket is on the downside.


The waterproof enclosure is diecast from anti-corrosion ADC12 aluminum by 100-ton pressure. It's passed a bundle of rugged tests for long-period outdoor operation, such as the Salt Spray Test, Leakage Test, IP67 Waterproof Test, etc.

The electronic design abides by industrial outdoor standards with surge protection and withstands extreme temperatures.

Open the Enclosure Use the hexagon head on the T-wrench to lose bolts in the anti-clockwise direction.

Seal the Enclosure Close the lid & press with your hand. Ensure no gap after closing. Use the T-wrench to tighten all bolts in the clockwise direction.


There are six working indicators on the motherboard of the WiFi extender.

The image below shows Wi-Fi, System, Internet, Power, WAN, and LAN indicators on the bottom side of the motherboard. Check the chart below about the indicator status and related performance.

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