Install Antennas

The EZR13T use default omnidirectional antennas to transit WiFi signals to all directions.

There are two antenna sockets, #1 and #3, on the top side of the EZR13T extender. All of them are waterproof N-female connectors.

When installing the antennas, put the extender and antennas in a vertical or horizontal direction to avoid bending the pins in the antenna connector. Twist the milled part on the antennas in the clockwise direction to install the antennas on the extender. Make sure the connection is tight.


You can upgrade the WiFi antennas to directional a panel or yagi antennas and improve the WiFi coverage in a specific direction. Make sure these antennas have N-male connectors. You can use either a MIMO or single-polarized antenna on the extender.

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