The outdoor WiFi extender has a patented waterproof enclosure and white weather-proof coating for work in demanding environments.

The WiFi extender has a rugged and waterproof enclosure that withstands extreme weather for long-term outdoor uses. A set of o-rings, seals, and gaskets against water and dust. Ensure all rubber rings and seals are well positioned for the best waterproof protection. The WiFi extender works at -40° ~ +80° Celsius with effective heatsink fins and rain diverters.


The barriers can attenuate or block the wireless WiFi signals due to high frequency, especially the thick and solid walls. The WiFi extender should be installed in a suitable location, such as elevated, near a window, in an open space, and away from RF equipment.

Pole Mounting

Find a pole with Ø35~50mm diameter. The pole is not included in the package. The typical installation is on a vertical pole. You can also install it horizontally.

L-Shape Bracket

The M6 cross-head screws are fixed on the backside of the WiFi extender. Take them off and use the cross end on the T-wrench to install the L-shape bracket on the backside of the enclosure.

Note: Turn the bracket to parallel the pole if it's horizontal. The router antennas should be kept in the vertical direction.

Bolts & Holders

Please refer to the above image of the installation on a vertical pole.

  1. Clasp the pole with the U-bolts and holders.

  2. Attach them on either side of the L-shape bracket.

  3. On another side of the bracket, put washers, spring washers, and hex nuts on U-bolts.

  4. Use an M10 spanner to turn the hex nut and tighten the bracket on the pole.

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